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The Delmarva Rail Passenger Association is a grass-roots organization of persons interested in increasing the options for rail travel throughout the Delmarva peninsula, but most especially in Delaware.  It came together about 30 years ago when SEPTA discontinued commuter rail service to Wilmington.  By continual lobbying and building grass-roots pressure on legislators and other governmental persons/agencies (DelDot, federal congressmen and senators, governors), it slowly built enough pressure that rail passenger service from Phila. to Wilmington was reinstated around 1996.  Since then, we have pushed for increased service, including Newark, as well as more frequent service, all of which has come about. 

The U of D finally came on board to the idea of train service when it took over the old Chrysler campus, wanting to increase contact with the schools in Phila.  As you may have seen in the papers, ground was broken this month for a new train station in Newark to accommodate commuter service.  One of our longest-running goals has been to get MARC to extend its commuter service north of Perryville all the way to Newark, but the State of Maryland has been slow to commit funds to this effort. Lack of commuter service between Perryville and Newark is one of two gaps in commuter service between Boston and Washington, and we would like to see that closed.  We have also pushed for many years for the reinstatement of rail service to downstate Delaware, perhaps all the way to Salisbury.  There was great interest in this 10-15 years ago on the part of legislators from down state, but the budget crunch has pushed this project to the back burner.

We have also from time to time come to the defense of Amtrak when it has been threatened with cutbacks, but our principal interest is commuter rail, not long distance trains.