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Welcome to the 2016 Model Railroad Open House schedule! This is the 50th year for this event! The Model Railroad Open Houses are an annual October/ November celebration which showcases local model train layouts in DE, and MD.

We would like to thank Bruce Friedman for his work done in the past on this schedule. John Lassahn was invaluable in helping put the schedule together for many years. Joe Walters has volunteered to continue the work he started 25 years ago.

Because the number of layouts has climbed to more than 100, a change has been made to separate the states this year. Delaware and Maryland open houses will remain with this site, as they have since 2007. Open houses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey can be found by going to:

Please make every effort to abode by your chosen dates.

As a reminder, when you commit to an open house, cancellations should only be made for extenuating circumstances such as an emergency. Please know that not everyone has access to up to the minute information. We do not want to inconvenience a visitor who may show up to a cancelled open house.

Our Facebook page is very active with visitors posting photos. Layout owners are also able to post pictures of their layouts to entice visitors. The Facebook page is "Model Railroad Openhouse Schedule." Please join our social community and participate.

If you are a layout owner and will be open,and live in Delaware, please contact  Joe Walters. if you live in Maryland, you will need to contact Fran Giacoma. A special thanks to Fran for all his help and hard work.

The email addresses are:

Thanks to all who donated so generously towards the maintenance of this site. We hope your generosity will continue this year. Look to the left side of this site for a link for your donations. If you have problems with this, please inform Karen.

This website would not be possible without the assistance of Karen Darling. We want to thank her for her hard work. If you see her, be sure to let her know she is appreciated.

Thank you!
Joe Walters

NOTE:  If you are hosting an open house and have a picture of your layout that you would like featured in the rotating pictures at the top of each page for this year, please email it to Karen prior to September 15, 2016 at  Each picture must be at least 500 x 200 pixels.  I'd prefer you send the full size image. Cell phone photos are often not adequate. Keep in mind that I need to use a portion of the picture that will show your trains and/or layout in the 500 x 200 pixel area.  I'll let you know if it is acceptable.  Due to the large number of folks participating, only one picture from each person will be used. If your layout has a name and website, please let me know and I will include it in the listing. We are also working to include a photo of the layout owner.  Please send a picture of yourself along with the layout picture.

Thanks to those who
donated to the cost of running the site! 

Karen Darling