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Welcome to the original Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania model railroad open house site.  2018 brought the quad-state open houses back to the site that was started in 2006!  You will find listings of open houses as you always have on our easy to navigate pages. 

The Model Railroad Open Houses are an annual November event which showcases local model railroads in our region.

Thanks to all who opened their layouts this year and thanks to everyone who got out and visited the layouts!

To streamline and improve the process, 2019 will bring online signups via a web form.   Please check back this summer for more information!

Our Facebook page is very active with visitors posting photos. Layout owners are also able to post pictures of their layouts to entice visitors. The Facebook page is "Model Railroad Openhouse Schedule." Please join our social community and participate.

Thanks to all who donated so generously towards the maintenance of this site. Your support is much appreciated!  If you have never contributed in the past, please consider donating and keep our great site working for you. 

Joe Walters

Look for online signups next year!

Meet the Model Railroad Open House team:

Joe Walters

Joe is the head coordinator for the site, and the Delaware coordinator. Joe has loved trains most of his life. After serving in the Marines, he started working for the Reading Railroad. For the next 32 years he worked for Reading, Conrail, and Amtrak in the Mechanical Dept. His layout, the Northeast lines, a freelanced short line is an operating railroad, that meets once a month. Joe has Easy DCC and has sound in 90% of his locomotives. Joe is an active member of the NMRA, Philly division. 

Fran Giacoma

Fran is the Maryland Coordinator and the administrator of our Facebook page. Fran has loved trains since getting his first set at 4. He turned that passion into a 35 year career with Conrail and CSX. His 12x 20 layout depicts the B&O RR Shenandoah Subdivision set in the fall of 1956. It is an all diesel (with sound) operation using wireless DCC (Digitrax) and run by timetable & train order. It features 4 working CPL signals, 3 grade crossing flashers, and has 95% of the scenery complete. 


Earl Paine is the Southeastern Pennsylvania coordinator.  Earl Paine lives in Skippack, PA, and has been active in the Philly Division since 1988. He has served on the Philly Division Board and has been active as the division newsletter editor since 2007. He currently is involved in the NMRA AP Program, and helps coordinate the AP application process through the area MMRs. Since his retirement from public school education, he has been modeling the Reading Main line in 1976 from Conshohocken to Reading, PA.


PJ is the New Jersey coordinator.  I'm a Master Model Railroader #467. At present I an the President of the MER. My railroad Raccoon Valley was featured in Model Railroading in November 2005. I am the NMRA/MER NJ Division AP director. I coordinate the Friday Night operation sessions for our Friday Night Operators group. I have been retired for 15 years and enjoy working and operating on model railroads.

Karen Darling

Karen is the internet coordinator. Karen has been a raifan as long as she can remember since first seeing her grandfather's American Flyer layout that took up two spare bedrooms.  Her other grandparents lived along the Penn Central line outside of Newark.  Hear a train coming, she'd be found at the end of their lane waiting. She originally started doing the website for "G-Day" for the garden guys and offered to do the same for the November open houses back in 2006.

Thanks to those who
donated to the cost of running the site! 

Karen Darling